You Can Eat a Burger Every Day and Be Healthy!

You Can Eat a Burger Every Day and Be Healthy!

You Can Eat a Burger Every Day and Be Healthy!

We believe a healthier, satisfying burger should exist. Now it does.

Shroomeats has far less cholesterol than beef. Shroomeats doesn’t need to take from animals and our goal is to help solve climate crisis.

Shroomeats has far more clean, simple ingredients than Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger. Shroomeates doesn’t fill you up with chemicals.

Shroomeats has 6 simple, healthy ingredients you can read & pronounce.

“I love a tasty burger!” 

Who doesn’t? Food is one of life’s great pleasures. Food is the center of family, friends, and fun! Even you can learn how to make a better burger.

The average American diet is one of our greatest health risks. I get it. I’ve seen our family members struggle with health problems. I’ve tried unsatisfying, healthier options. I’ve sampled other meat substitutes loaded with chemicals. I’ve even caved in and gone to In n Out. I looked and looked for a burger that was ethical, healthy, AND delicious!.

When I realized it didn’t exist, I knew it needed to be created! Dissaya, Pamas, and I committed to healthy eating and living through Shroomeats. We refused to be forced to choose between responsible and delectable. 

No more sacrificing, only satisfying. Shroomeats checks all the boxes. It’s as ethical as any plant-based burger. It’s healthier than any factory-farmed meat. AND it’s incredibly delicious

We used to have to give up either our health, our ethics, or our enjoyment. No more! Shroomeats has it all.

Eat Shroomeats and know you can have delicious food that’s healthy and satisfying! I would love to hear what you think!


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