5 Reasons You Don’t Need Animal Protein

5 Reasons You Don’t Need Animal Protein!

For most of our life, we’ve been told you have to eat enough protein or you’ll lose muscle mass and be nutrient deficient. Most people think you need to get your protein from animals. This, however, is not true. 

Everyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or gain muscles has heard
“Eat protein!” I was once there. Which led me to consume more chicken breast than I care to admit. The idea of eating chicken nowadays is so unappealing to me. 

Eating animal protein everyday can actually lead to more harm than good though. Have you ever met a vegan who has heart disease? What about high cholesterol? 

Plants offer a variety of nutrients our bodies need to not only survive but thrive as well. Now this doesn’t mean eating iceberg lettuce all day, you have to eat a rainbow of foods in order to get the nutrients you need. Keep reading to better understand.

  1. Shiitake mushrooms contain 17 essential amino acids, including all 9 to make it a complete protein. This, simply put, is a protein you can replace meat with.
  2. Every-body is different, but the golden rule is 1/3 of your body weight in grams of protein. Which is a hearty salad with a variety of beans, nuts, and dark leafy greens. No need to eat meat at every meal.
  3. Plants naturally have protein, while allowing you to eat more than you ever had been able to with meat. Since whole foods are lower in calories, you have more flexibility to eat as much as you want!
  4. Eat with your eyes and see the rainbow! The more vibrant color a whole food has the higher in vitamins, antioxidants, or nutrients it has. When you’re grocery shopping, look for different colors to incorporate in your diet. 
  5. Animal protein causes your body to work harder to digest and is the reason you have that “afternoon slump.” With whole foods, you never experience the food coma because it’s easily digestible and provides energy to keep you going through the rest of the day!

If you’re a meat eater, I want to challenge you to switch out one full day of meat eating with only whole foods in a rainbow of color. I’d love to hear how it went!

If you already eat plant based, I’d love to hear how much your life has improved since eating this way.

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