How to Make a Better Burger in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Better Burger in 3 Easy Steps

I want to eat a burger every day. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life, a burger always sounds like a good idea. Always. But beef is so high in saturated fat (on top of the whole slaughterhouse thing…)  and Beyond Meat and Impossible have their long list of concerning ingredients. (Methylcellulose? How do you even pronounce that?)

The reality is, eating burgers has not been a good idea - Until now! Shroomeats is your new option for a better burger. How, you ask?

Here are 3 Tips How to Make A Better Burger!

1- Commitment

You have to take control of your health and decide McDonald’s shouldn’t be a part of your life anymore. When you decide to be better, your food is the perfect place to start!

2- Nutrients

Traditional burgers are loaded with saturated fat straight from the slaughterhouse, have lousy nutrient profiles, and make us feel like crap. Plant-based burgers like Beyond Meat and Impossible have pretty decent nutrient profiles because they contain processed fillers and weird ingredients - read the labels for yourself! When changing your diet, focusing on your nutrients is key to success!

3- Burger Time

Shroomeats is a better burger with natural nutrients your body craves. Only 6 ingredients you can read & pronounce! Season, cook, and top as you would with beef. Enjoy your burger more than you ever have before!

Shroomeats will help you keep loving your favorite foods without sacrificing your health. Now let’s get started! Go to our website and buy Shroomeats Patties and stop wasting your time and money. With our satisfaction guarantee, we promise you’ll love this better burger as much as we do! You got this!


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