Below are some frequently asked questions about Shroomeats. 

What kind of mushrooms are they made out of?

  • We make Shroomeats with locally sourced shiitake mushrooms in the north of Thailand.

Where is the product made?

  • We source the ingredients and make Shroomeats in Thailand, Dissaya and Pamas's home country. 

Is your manufacturer a fair trade environment?

  • Absolutely! We pride ourselves on working as a community. Our favorite part about our manufacturer is how they treat each worker as family. Their motto is, "Eat Before Work," We agree!

Is the soy non-gmo?

  • Yes! All of our ingredients are non-gmo, so you can rest assure your consuming a high quality, premium product.

How did this start?

  • Dissaya made a mushroom ball for her family since 2014. Shiitake mushrooms grow abundantly in Thailand where she grew up and knew they had a great flavor, texture, and was packed full of nutrients. Being concerned for her vegetarian mother if she was getting the proper nutrients, she started making these shiitake mushroom balls in almost all of their dishes. Pamas tried one of these mushroom balls and told her she had something. Dissaya asked Mary, who lived in Los Angeles, if she could help bring them import the product. Thus the trio began and now you can enjoy Shroomeats in your home, delivered right to your door from our website.

Is it organic?

  • As of right now, we are not certified organic, however, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and our business model. Our goal is to get certified organic in the coming years when the right time comes.

What do they taste like?

  • I believe the best way to answer this is for you to try! A lot of customers are blown away by their texture and their capability to adapt to any flavor it's seasoned with. We have tricked many meat eaters into thinking it's meat, but even the proudest carnivore will admit how much they like Shroomeats and decide to buy it. Like I said before, just give it a try ;)   


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