Shroomeats® Balls

Reducing meat doesn't mean giving up on the fun!

SHROOMEATS BALLS can turn any dish traditionally made with beef meatballs into a fun, tasty, and healthy alternative! These balls are mushroom-based, vegan, gluten free, and all natural. With only 6 ingredients you can read and pronounce you'll be surprised how hearty these balls are! You don't want to go without this product in your freezer - they're the perfect umami bomb!

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Shroomeats® Shred-It

Need more versatility in your meat alternatives?

SHROOMEATS SHRED-IT is the key to adding a delicious protein substitute without losing the hearty texture and umami flavor your traditional meals are loved for. Be creative and have fun with our Shred-it for tacos, chili, pulled BBQ sandwiches, or breakfast omelettes!  No matter your dietary roots, you can still make your family's favorite recipes or unique fusion dishes.

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Shroomeats® Patties

Can one live without a good burger?

Maybe, but we say it would be no fun! Who doesn’t love bringing friends and family together to share good times and good food?  (Even in this virtual world!) SHROOMEATS PATTIES are mushroom based, vegan, gluten free, and all natural. With an amazing meaty texture, you'll be surprised how good it is for you, your loved ones, and our planet. This is the door to a new world of meat alternatives.

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What our customers say

This product soaks up the flavors really well and are great for so many different recipes. I'm hooked!

Katherine S.

These products hold together when cooked and are the definition of umami bombs. Keep one of each in your freezer for a reliable protein staple to enhance any quick weeknight dinner.

Tanya Flink - VegNews

This is THE BEST meat alternative, EVER! Way better than Beyond Meat! And I love that I can read all of the 6 ingredients!

Chris B.

The burger is incredibly filling! One patty got me fulll!

Jonathan Y.

I'm not a fan of mushrooms, I don't like the taste. But these don't taste like mushrooms at all! I was so shocked how much I like these and how versatile they are.  A new staple for my diet!

Amy L.

Shroomeats balls are so hearty, I didn't know it wasn't meat!

Alexandra G.

“I love how they take up the sauce and flavors. In the future I am going to marinate before cooking, but in all, I love them! It’s actually easier to cook than meat!”

Johns H.

"This isn't beef in my spaghetti?" (lol)

Mary's Dad

"I can't tell the difference between the ribeye philly versus the seasoned and diced Shroomeats I'm eating. The texture is right there and I can see how this will be a game changer in the meat alternative category."

Adam B.

How to Prep, Cook, and Enjoy Shroomeats®

For the Best Taste

First, defrost the product in hot water.  When the product is tender, remove from packaging and season or marinate.  *Tip! The longer the seasoning has to penetrate the product, the tastier it will be!

For the Juiciest

Cook on a well-oiled skillet (you can use a grill also), add a spritz of water, cover to steam.  This ensures it won't dry out.  When the crust forms and browns, about 4-6 minutes, flip and repeat. 

For the Most Enjoyment

Use your other favorite ingredients and sides to complete your meal. Serve as desired and enjoy!

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