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Shroomeats is available at your nearby Sprouts Farmers Market store across the US. Find it placed in the Innovation Center as a new emerging brand disrupting the meat alternative category!

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  • A premium ingredient with tremendous health benefits!

  • You can read & pronounce!

  • Feel good about what you eat!

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Holy Shiitake! Shroomeats is a Better Burger!

A delicioulsy satisfying burger exists! Less saturated fat than beef, and more simple ingredients than other meat alternatives. Shroomeats is a plant-based burger with no cholesterol, naturally low fat, complete protein, 6 ingredients you can read & pronounce and tastes delicious! 

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• Shiitake Mushrooms

• Only 6 Ingredients

• Naturally Nutritious

• Shamelessly Delicious

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What if you could eat a burger everyday, and it was good for you?

Eating healthy shouldn't suck. Shroomeats is delciously satisyfing that's healthy for you and the planet.

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