"5 Things" You Need to Know About Shiitake Mushrooms and How They’ll Help Your Health!

"5 Things" You Need to Know About Shiitake Mushrooms and How They’ll Help Your Health!

5 Things You Need to Know About Shiitake Mushrooms and How They’ll Help Your Health! (Download pdf version now)

  • Sustainable
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Complete Protein
  • Vitamin D Source
  • Weight Management


    Holy shiitake!, did you know you’re not eating enough mushrooms?! Mushrooms, specifically shiitake mushrooms, have been used for thousands of years as both nourishing food and medicine. They were also prized for being fast-growing and sustainable.

    Climate change is real and giving up food we love sucks. Nowadays people are getting on the fungi train because of the amazing qualities they offer to heal both our bodies and the planet.


    Growing up in rural Minnesota, I wasn’t exposed to a wide variety of foods. We ate meat and potatoes without question. As I got older and understood the impacts my food choices had on my health and the planet, I started to look at how I could make a change

    Reducing my meat intake was my first step. The first time I went on a vegetarian diet, it was difficult because I didn’t ever feel full or satiated. Needless to say, it didn’t last long. But the more I learned about how the food I ate impacted my health, the more I realized I had to find a solution.


    Our bodies crave certain things, particularly things we are lacking. If you’re not eating enough nutrient dense foods, it’s hard for your body and mind to keep up. So here are five things you need to know about shiitake mushrooms and how they’ll help your health (and the world!).

    Shiitake mushrooms are

    1- Sustainable

    It takes only 2-6 months for shiitake mushrooms to grow on dead tree logs, they can be grown vertically, and require minimal water. Compare that to a feedlot, soybean field, or an almond tree!

    2- Nutrient Dense

    Shiitake mushrooms are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals - B vitamins and niacin for energy, copper for heart health, lipids and sterols for cholesterol lowering, selenium to fight infections, magnesium for bone and organ health, the list goes on!  

    3- Complete Protein

    Shiitake mushrooms contain a total of 17 amino acids including all 9 essential ones - a complete and cruelty-free protein! 

    4- Vitamin D

    Our bodies need vitamin D to help release serotonin and give us those happy feels. Sunlight is key for this. Mushrooms can sunbathe their gills and absorb vitamin D (just like we do) and retain it until consumed. Sun’s out, buns out!

    5- Weight Management

    Shiitake mushrooms have powerful enzymes that support your immune system reducing inflammation to aid gut health and are high in fiber to keep things moving! 😉


    Mushrooms truly are little miracles that can save our health and our beautiful planet. Changing just one meal a day can help you feel better about yourself as well as being a part of a revolution. It’s easy, and you’re not alone - I was there once too. With small changes, you can start making your life look and feel the way you’ve always imagined

    Let’s get started! Go to our website, shop Shroomeats, and start your healthy meal planning today. 


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    Thanks again for bringing your delicious products to Austin for the Mushroom Conference! I have lets Sprouts know they need to stock up on your company’s stuff! :)


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