Would You Eat to Save the Planet?

Would You Eat to Save the Planet?

Would You Eat to Save the Planet?

What if the food you choose helped to save the planet instead of destroying it?

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Holy shiitake! Eating healthier can actually be better for the planet?!

Dissaya created mushroom balls in her kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand to provide heartier vegetarian options for her family. Mushrooms are abundant in Southeast Asia and she knew how sustainable they were. She used shiitake mushrooms given the tremendous health benefits they have been used thousands of years for.

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Shiitake mushrooms provide abundant essential vitamins and minerals, are the second most consumed mushroom in the world, and save on the planet’s natural resources - considering the conditions they grow in and the harvest rate.

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We asked the question: How can we share our love for food and the planet while still eating delicious meals that didn’t cause more harm? - Shroomeats is how.  We created Shroomeats because we saw a change needing to happen in our eating habits. 

If you haven’t ordered yours yet, be part of the food revolution and eat for a healthier planet. Get Shroomeats from our shop now!

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