5 Benefits of Not Eating Meat No One Tells You

5 Benefits of Not Eating Meat No One Tells You

5 Benefits of Not Eating Meat No One Tells You!

Everywhere today the media talks about how going meatless is better. But what are those benefits besides the obvious? (E.g. animal-cruelty, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc..) No one talks about the personal transformation you achieve when not eating meat. Read what changes I experienced and how they can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you want.

Why should you reduce your meat intake? 

Your doctor isn’t saying “You’re not healthy.” You’re still wearing the same jeans you wore in high school. Animal-cruelty is terrible but you prefer to live to eat and love barbecue. So what’s the big deal? 

The problem with this thinking is you’re not giving yourself the optimum level of health possible.

I transitioned to a meatless lifestyle without any health concerns as I was still fit, active, and wore the same clothes I wore in high school (minus the emo-trend). My reason to change eating habits was for the animals, my health came second. 

However while I went through this transformation I started noticing things that no one talks about when they go to a meatless lifestyle.


Here are 5 benefits of not eating meat no one tells you about! 

  1. My dark circles started to disappear! This may have been because I was sleeping so much better than I ever had, a full 8 hours and waking up rested and energized! 
  2. I looked younger! Blemishes cleared up and dull skin started to glow. 
  3. My hair grew so fast! I struggled for years to grow my hair long, and it seemed to grow at supersonic speed overnight! 
  4. My attitude was calmer and more compassionate (I think we definitely need more of this in the world.) 
  5. I felt a deeper sense of life and its meaning. Yes this is spiritual and very personal. 

So why did these things happen? 

I focused on a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients versus just protein. The compassion and spiritual awareness I believe came from a deeper understanding that animals are to be lived with instead of being used out of necessity for food. 

I challenge you to 30 days of meatless meals! I’d love to hear how the journey is going and at the end what transformations you’ve seen or felt. Let Shroomeats help you get through this challenge!

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