5 Things that are Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals!

5 Things that are Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals!

Your dream transformation is becoming real! You’re at those last few pounds! But you’ve been there a long time and you can’t seem to get to your goal.

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Exercising and making necessary changes in the kitchen are keys to successful weight loss. When your routine is working you feel good and on the right track, you can see you’re almost to your goal. But then it seems like the path in front of you is getting longer - the dreaded plateau! It’s a frustrating place to be on your journey.

But you can’t give up! Now is the time to focus on caring for your body and your mind. 



Here are 5 things you can do to keep moving forward on your journey..

  1. Be sure you’re resting enough. If you’re breaking your muscles down too much, you could be causing more harm than good 
  2. Change up your workout routine! It’s not just your mind that gets bored, your muscles do too, so wake them up with a new routine
  3. Adjust your macronutrients to trick your metabolism into working differently.
  4. Watch those little snacks and bites of food throughout the day, they add up! 
  5. Keep it fun! Don’t let yourself dread the journey! In order to sustain a healthy lifestyle it should be easy enough for it to become second nature.

Take note this week on what your routine looks like and see where you can make changes. I’d love to hear from you how it’s going and what changes have helped!

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