5 Ways to Help Deal with Anxiety Through Food

5 Ways to Help Deal with Anxiety Through Food

You’re minding your own business when out of nowhere you feel it. Your heart rate increases, your breathing gets faster, and you feel like the walls are closing in. Yep, an anxiety attack is coming on. 

I hate the feeling of not understanding why an anxiety attack is coming on. It's concerning and scary. I also once struggled with this

Changing the way I ate helped me work through anxiety in my everyday life. Meditating, slowing my breath, and eating a clean diet helped me lower the anxiety I experienced throughout the week.


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  1. Start to eat cleaner - A lot of our food nowadays are highly processed and those chemicals could be causing you to feel anxiety.
  2. Meditate while you meal-prep - Have you ever heard of telling your plants “I love you” and they grow better? It's the same idea while prepping your food, meditate on positivity so you can consume that love and light.
  3. Listen to your breathing while you cook. Breath-work is a huge part of controlling anxiety and a lot of times we never think about breathing because, well, we don’t have to!  
  4. Drink water during meal time. Water helps to make you feel full faster and it helps to digestion your food, so if you’re indulging it will help relieve any extra hypertension the food may cause.  
  5. Bring awareness when you go grocery shopping. Actually look at the food you’re picking up and take your time to do so. What ingredients are in it? Can you actually read and understand what each item is? This will also help you avoid any chemicals or unnecessary additives that could be giving you those anxiety attacks.

I challenge you to try just one of these steps tomorrow. When you’re ready, try another one. If these tips work, I’d love to hear from you or have suggestions for another email, please let me know!



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