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5 Things Shiitake Mushrooms can do to Help Heal Our Future

Shiitake mushrooms were found thousands of years ago in Japan on dead Shii trees in the forest. When eaten they were loved for their umami flavor and hearty texture. After some time consuming these newly found mushrooms, the health benefits were recognized and used as medicine in Eastern Asian cuisine.

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In current times, mushrooms are finally getting world-wide recognition they deserve for taste, texture, and health benefits. On-going research continues as we keep finding amazing benefits these little miracles provide, not only for our bodies, but for earth as well.


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Here are 5 things shiitake mushrooms can do to help heal our future:

  1. They take 2-6 months from spore to harvest. Yet once colonized they only need 4-6 weeks to grow. Making them one of the fastest growing foods.
  2. Since they grow on dead tree logs vertical farming can be used growing one million pounds on one acre to save on land and the rainforests.
  3. To grow one pound of shiitake mushrooms, less than 2 gallons of water is needed, saving our precious fresh water resource. (How much water do you use when you shower?)
  4. Consuming one pound of shiitake mushrooms can provide the full spectrum of nutrition your body needs to function at optimum levels and even heal itself. However, one pound is a lot to eat, so incorporating Shroomeats into your daily diet can substitute needing to eat that much.
  5. Eating mushrooms can help lower cholesterol, promote heart health, help manage diabetes, reduce inflammation, regulate weight, increase essential vitamins and minerals such as amino acids, improve digestion, and boost energy with B vitamins. 

What else could you ask for in a food?

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