5 Diets That Don’t Include Meat

5 Diets That Don’t Include Meat

5 Diets That Don’t Include Meat

In today’s eating trends, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about veganism. To some, it may seem like an extreme lifestyle that can be overwhelming. There are a variety of ways to eat healthier without feeling anxious about making an easy and smooth transition.

Veganism can feel intimidating and defeatist. I understand you want to be better and do the next right thing. I too used to struggle with feeling overwhelmed with eating better.

Lifestyle changes happen best gradually. Over time you start to realize you are no longer struggling with healthier choices and it becomes natural. I started being vegetarian and eventually worked my way to veganism but then decided flexitarian suited my lifestyle best



Did you know there are 5 diets that don’t include meat?

  1. Lactvo-Ovo Vegetarian: This is eating no meat or fish, but still consuming eggs, cheese, and dairy such as milk and yogurt. This is the most traditional concept of vegetarianism.
  2. Lacto-Vegetarian: This diet includes the above except eggs. Anything that could be an animal is not part of this diet.
  3. Ovo-Vegetarian: This diet includes eggs but no dairy, meat, or fish.
  4. Pescitarian/Flexitarian: This diet does include meat, however minimal amounts. Pescitarian includes fish while Flexitarian may include all animals with limited amounts.
  5. Vegan/Plant-Based: A diet that refrains from all animal derived products, including eggs, cheese, meat, honey and even using leather products or drinks using clarifying products derived from fish. There are many varying levels of this lifestyle. 


When choosing the best diet that fits your lifestyle, there are many things to consider; sustainability, cost, nutritional quality, etc.. Each person’s choices have an impact, so even reducing from 3 meat meals a day to one, can have drastically beneficial effects. 

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