You Asked. We Listened!

You Asked. We Listened!

You want to level-up your eating - so we upgraded Shroomeats! We’ve been working on exciting changes because you, our fans, told us what you love and don’t love about Shroomeats. So this is for you, fam!



The original Shroomeats revolutionized the market. We eliminated the animal-cruelty, created more sustainability using upcycled mushrooms, surpassed the dry, bland current plant-based burgers, and avoided the weird chemicals of Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger. 


Our first launch of Shroomeats also had soybean flour, soybean oil, and raw cane sugar. The original recipe from Dissaya’s kitchen included these items and we kept it “as is” to launch in the US market. As the pioneer product of mushroom-based meatless eating, we were proud of our first creation, but we will ALWAYS be improving. With your feedback we became aware soy was an allergen and added sugar did not fit into certain diets.



And while we have always used non-gmo ingredients and have been plant-based from the beginning, we now hold the internationally recognized certificates to prove it, giving you more buying confidence!

So we wanted to do better for you.



What’s new to Shroomeats?

  • No soy - Now food allergen free
  • No sugar - Add it to your spice mix if YOU want to
  • Project Non-Gmo Verified - We’ve always been Non-GMO - Now you know for sure
  • Plant-Based Certified - We’ve always been sustainable. Now the world knows! 
  • 1 year shelf stable - No need to thaw
  • Ships ground - Saves you money and hassle
  • New packaging design - More appealing and appetizing

Shroomeats is still...

  • Upcycled shiitake mushroom as the main ingredient
  • Only 6 ingredients you can read & pronounce
  • Hearty and chewy texture
  • Delicious in many dishes
  • Naturally nutritious
  • Easy and effortless meals
  • Ships direct for your convenience!



Pre-order Shroomeats (2.0) today and be the first to get 15% off plus FREE shipping on $45 order and more. Pre-oder now!

With much love and support,

Mary Bentdahl

Co-founder & CMO

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