🍄❣️These mushroom facts are so interesting!

🍄❣️These mushroom facts are so interesting!

These mushroom facts are so interesting!

Did you know how beneficial mushrooms are for your body?



As the research continues on mushrooms, more interesting facts on why we should eat them emerge.

Moreover, shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular functional foods. Loved for the nutrition, umami flavor, and meaty texture.

Here are 10 cool health benefits of these little superfoods:

  1. 🧡 Heart health
  2. 🏃🏽Provides energy
  3. 🎈 Helps reduce inflammation
  4. ☀️ Good source of vitamin D (the only consumable vegan source!)
  5. 💩 High fiber to keep things moving
  6. ⬇️ Low fat 
  7. 🌱 Natural sodium 
  8. 💪🏻 Good source of complete protein
  9. 💊 Great source of B vitamins
  10. 🧬 Has the 9 essential amino acids which are essential to your DNA


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