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Happy Hump Day!

Hawaiian Shroom Balls 
End your Summer BBQ Recipe 
 package of Shroomeats Balls
2-3 tbsp oil salt & pepper (or seasoning salt)
cups pineapple
cup red bell pepper
tbsp hot sauce
1tbsp coconut sugar (or preferred sweetener)
tbsp soy sauce (depends on your preferred salty level)
tbsp all-purpose flour toasted sesame seeds green onions or chives

1. Defrost your Shroomeats Balls in hot water until tender.
2. Heat your pan or skillet with 1 tbsp of oil.
3. Sauté Shroomeats Balls and season with salt & pepper or your
favorite seasoning salt until brown.
4. Add pineapple and red bell pepper, cooking thoroughly until caramelized.
5. Add hot sauce, coconut sugar, and soy sauce.
6. Add all-purpose flour and mix well until thickened.
7. Toss in toasted sesame seeds.
8. Serve over rice with a garnish of green onions or chives.

Aloha and enjoy! 😋
Watch how to make this epic meal below  ⤵️
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