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Shroomeats® Comfort Food E Cookbook Volume 1

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Feed yourself and loved ones with Shroomeats recipes in this essential new cookbook – no fancy equipment, skills or ingredients required!

Have easy meatless yet delicious meals with Shroomeats Patties, Balls, and Shred-it in variety of ways to enjoy!

Shroomeats book is packed full of easy, comforting, crowd-pleasing recipes that anyone can make on a budget, no matter your experience. These recipes don’t demand much space, expensive kitchen equipment, or a long list of ‘store cupboard’ spices and ingredients. Shroomeats is invented to match any of your favorite spices, sauces,a nd seasonings. Make that mama's dish, but this time, with Shroomeats.

Including delicious recipes such as: Mushroom Balls in marinara, Mushroom Balls Thai Green Curry, Mushroom Shred-it Street Tacos, Mushroom Shed-it Meat(less) Loaf, The Double Double No Animal Style Burger, and more in the book!

What are you waiting for? Dig in and get cooking!