What I Ate Today, Delicious Meatball Boat

What I Ate Today, Delicious Meatball Boat

Working from home provides me flexibility with lunches. Most days I use Shroomeats for something that is quick, delicious, filling, yet will give me energy.

Delicious Meatball Boat


Hello there, fellow foodies! 

Today I'm going to share with you my latest culinary adventure, the "Delicious Meatball Boat" made with Shroomeats Mushroom Balls. But before we dive in, let's set the scene. 

It's a typical workday, and as a remote worker, I need to make sure my lunch packs a punch. I don't want to crawl back into bed for an afternoon siesta because I'm too full or not energized enough. So, enter Shroomeats to save the day.

First things first, let's talk about the star of the show, Shroomeats Mushroom Balls. These little balls of joy are made from mushrooms and are so delicious and easy to cook that I could weep tears of joy. They are packed with flavor, and if you're a meat-lover who's trying to cut down on meat, Shroomeats Mushroom Balls are the perfect substitute.

Now, back to our "Delicious Meatball Boat." I used Bolillo, which is a type of bread that is commonly found in Mexican bakeries. It's similar to a French baguette but with a slightly thicker crust and softer interior. For this dish, I took a bolillo and cut it lengthwise, so it resembled a boat, ready to be filled with Shroomeats Mushroom Balls.

I heated up the mushroom balls with cooking oil in a pan, giving them a good sear, so they had a crispy exterior and a soft, meaty interior. Smothered them in marinara and let it simmer for a few minutes. I then placed each of them inside the bolillo boat and topped with provolone cheese. 

The end result was a masterpiece as you can see from the picture. The bolillo boat was crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, and the Shroomeats Mushroom Balls were bursting with flavor. The marinara added a tangy sweetness, and the cheese tied everything together with its gooey, melty goodness. It was a party in my mouth, and I was the happiest person on earth.

So, there you have it, one of my quick culinary creations, the "Delicious Meatball Boat" made with Shroomeats Mushroom Balls. It's easy, it's delicious, and most importantly, it's perfect for those who need to power through the rest of their workday. 

I highly recommend trying this dish out, and don't be surprised if you start weeping tears of joy like me.


I’d love to hear from you! Which recipes have you tried? Email me at mary@friendlyfoodsintl.com 


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