Are Meat Substitutes Really Healthy For You?

Are Meat Substitutes Really Healthy For You?

Meat substitutes were created to be a healthier option than eating meat, but transparency matters to consumers and they are rethinking the food they’re eating.



Meat substitutes have been a hot topic in the press for a few years. Perceived to be a healthier option from traditional meat, making them the best thing since sliced bread.  These brands created a community of conscious consumers that wanted to be better to their bodies and the planet. 

Lately has there been so much negative press around meat alternatives and specific brands that paved the way, but why? Part of the reason is that many of the meat alternatives are highly processed and full of additives, making them actually less healthy than they appear. 

However, as consumers become more aware of these potential harmful chemicals, the meat substitute category has grown and evolved with healthier options. Shroomeats is part of this new generation of meat substitutes that are to come. Its six simple and easy-to-pronounce ingredients are all whole foods, which means that you can enjoy the meaty taste and texture of traditional meat without any of the additives.

Furthermore, Shroomeats is a more sustainable option, using upcycled shiitake mushrooms to create a delicious and nutritious meat alternative. This approach means that fewer natural resources are used in production, making it a more eco-friendly option than traditional meat.

If you're looking for a meat substitute that's really better for your health and the environment, Shroomeats is what you’re looking for. It's a delicious and nutritious option for conscious consumers.


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